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Perhaps this is what I have always wished for since that day. The loss and destruction of all. That's right, one must destroy before creating. In that case, if my conscience becomes a hindrance to me, then I will simply erase it. I have no other choice but to move forward
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ok i must log out unless i want to get spoiled lol


short haired arm child doodles before bed



Art © Hiro Mashima

I must say i’m still alive, just in case you were wondering lol. Guys, it’s been like AGES since i logged in here, I really miss my lazy days here orz but I must say that i’ve been sucked into the kpop fandom this whole time, haha. I’m still loving anime, of course, but I kinda left it behind and i’m not pleased with that though :/ I’ll come back one day, promise.

Wings of Freedom


ahahaha i made the thing